5 Free Ways to Promote Your Business and Get Serious Exposure for a Flow on Effect of Future Clients

These days there are tangible realistic and result driven ways of promoting your Business for FREE! The best option is to have a strategic Marketing Plan in place but regardless of whether you’re working on one or still getting your head around why you need one, start now to at least get some free exposure, it all helps and some may in turn become integral in your final Plan.

The internet is an invaluable resource, I know you’ve heard it a thousand times, but has it REALLY clicked with you as to HOW invaluable it really is? Within a few clicks, your name, your image and your Business are exposed like a virtual billboard for thousands even millions of potential clients to witness, every second of everyday, even when you’re a sleep.

Imagine this, 20 years ago, you’re running your business wondering how many hundreds or thousands of dollars you need to part with in marketing to say 2,000 prospects. In that moment a marketing Gene appears and offers you the opportunity to market your Business and it’s product or service in at least 5 different sources with exposure to over 1 million people for the princely sum of FREE, would you have been keen to know more? Here’s your chance, capitalise and work with what you’ve got, today!

1.) Write a Press Release and submit it to local newspapers and online magazines

Did you know that many of your favorite publications are often in search of good news articles and will welcomely accept them, especially if it captures the reader and isn’t a blatant attempt to advertise, but rather a public interest piece? Search the web for tips on writing Press Releases

Google local Newspapers and online magazines and industry specific publications to submit your Press Release to also.

2.) Submit articles

There are some brilliant article database websites that by simply signing up for free you can contribute articles of informative value and place a link to your website at the end of each. This is your opportunity to also build your image as an expert in your field. As for what to write about, anything and everything that you know about that would be of interest or value to others.

Keep it relevant to your industry and write to your hearts content, the more articles you submit the better, but keep them value packed with juicy info and always put your link and blurb about yourself at the end. I have had great success with this method.

You can find a list of article sites to join by simply Googling Article sites.

3.) Establish a Strategic Alliance

A Strategic Alliance is typically a Business to Business relationship designed to benefit both parties through exposure to one anothers clients through an agreed medium or value ad campaign. For example, you may have a Dog Grooming business and choose to approach the Local Vet and suggest they may wish to compile a flyer that has a special FREE Health Check Visit for your clients only that you give them after each grooming session and in return the Vet is welcome to offer a FREE Grooming Session to all new patients, valued at $100.

You each have something to gain. A mutual benefit. Brainstorm where your ideal client frequents and consider what offer you could extend to establish a Strategic Alliance. Suggest an end date, so neither party feels committed to an indefinite arrangement.

4.) Become an active contributing member to a relevant forum

Again make Google your resource and search for forums in you industry or relevant again to where your ideal client may frequent. Where suitable post valuable and informative responces. The key here again is to avoid blatantly advertising you product or service, instead take the opportunity to built rapport and become an expert in your field. If the forum allows it, pop a link and description of your Business in your Signature, so each time you post, a little ‘mini ad’ appears.

5.) Make a friend of Social Networking

Love it or hate it Social Networking is a wildfire of opportunity for direct exposure to targeted, ideal clients. I recommend you sign up for your own ‘Page’ as a Business/Organisation rather than using your personal account if you have one. Depending on the nature of your product or service it may be suitable to begin by inviting your friends to be a ‘Fan’ of your page, this will get the numbers started and the exposure rolling.

Set aside a certain time each day to make a post on your Facebook page, this post will appear on the screens of all your Fans and is direct marketing straight to them! For FREE! Make your post something informative again, keep it to a sentence or two and occasionally you may wish to add a special offer.

Get to work now on implementing at least 2 of the above suggestions within the next 24hours, and cash in on FREE advertising!


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