How to Start an Internet Business For Newbies

For most of us, making more money for a dreamed lifestyle is rather difficult if not impossible, barring a major career change. So it is a good idea to open our eyes to look at ways outside of our nine to five routine jobs.

As a medical graduate, I have never imagined myself sitting in O2 Arena with over 7,000 people, attending Andrew Reynolds’s Entrepreneur Bootcamp to learn Internet business. This event, however, opened my eyes completely.

The fact is that there is over 1.5 billion Internet users, on every 1.6 seconds, someone new logs onto the Internet, to shop, to find information, to communicate, and to looking for businesses. Internet has become the biggest market place and the most powerful media which reaches millions of people instantly. The Internet is now the most profitable business with over 200 billion sales last year according to Forrester Research. It’s a no risk and low cost instant business for everyone.

Unlike changing a career, starting an Internet business is much easier than we think, even though you have no prior knowledge and experience whatsoever. All you need to know is how it works and how it makes money for you.

There are three key components constitute of every Internet business, which are:

1. Product
2. Website
3. Traffic

First, you need to have a valued Product to sell. Three major types of products you can start to sell on the Internet:

1) Signing up Affiliate Programs to earn commission
2) Buy Resale Rights from others
3) Creating your own products

The second component is the Website, acting as your online shop. There are three elements required for every website:

1) Register a domain name, host it with a reliable webhosting service to make sure your online shop ‘open’ 24hours a day and 7 days a week.
2) Write a powerful salescopy serving as your ‘salesman’ to sell your products.
3) Open a PayPal or a ClickBank account to accept payment online.

And the thirdly, you need to have Traffic, which is the blood stream of your online business. There are three major traffic generation techniques:

1) Search Engine. Start with paid traffic, such as Pay-Per-Click advertising to generate immediate traffic or go for Search Engine Optimization to get your website listed high on Google;
2) Affiliate Program or Joint Venture to borrow traffic from others.
3) Viral Marketing, the most powerful traffic generating technique.

Although the above classic formula sounds simple, for a newbie, a complete stranger and a new beginner with no previous knowledge and experience, it still takes time to learn how to put it all together.

From Redundancy to the Money Tree – Booming Home Business

When your made redundant it leaves you shocked and deflated, wondering where your next buck is going to come from. You believe that your going to lose all that you have worked for,mortgage looming over your head not to mention other bills. You just wish you had a money tree and have nothing more to worry about. Your first reaction is to go out and find another job, like me you spend a lot of time and energy organising your resume, scrutinizing through ads in local papers, signing up at job agencies, usually getting a job just dose not happen fast enough. You could spend months trying and its even harder in a poor economic climate.

If you could stand back and look at your situation its possible to take redundancy as a new beginning. Take a look at your mind set, your a redundant employee trying to get another job. That is all you know, your mind is set or programmed to spend your life going from one job to the next. You think that if you do not have a lot of money then you have nothing to offer in terms of business. that is not entirely true. Yes it is smooth sailing if you have enough funds, many people enter into business and do well. ”The rich get richer.” It is also possible to go into a business for a small sum of money and do extremely well.

If a millionaire lost everything that he owned, would he get a job? Or would he find a suitable business opportunity and chase that money tree he once had. This is how he is programmed.A year or two down the track he would probably have his money tree and you would be working nine to five. For me this is something that I changed in myself, I took a gamble and spent my time looking for a low start up cost booming home business to sink my teeth into.

All of this can take time, your right. Look at the time, attention, focus, and drive needed to find another job. If you were to apply this effort into a home business you could literally change your life for ever. Kind a like sacking your old boss to become your own boss. With a home business model you can go from redundancy to the money tree. What I am offering you is a chance to change your outcome, your income, your lifestyle, become your own boss and grow yourself a money tree. Spend more time at home with your family, pick the kids up from school, the list is endless.

You wont be alone in many online businesses, you will have access to business coach, online video, audio,and live call training created by top earners 24hours a day seven days a week. You will be able to virtually copy there success, and gain an opportunity to earn unlimited income. You can start at the bottom and work your way up or invest a larger sum and go straight to the top. In saying this most businesses will give you an ideal investment starting point, but i would advise you to invest only what you can afford.

One of the most important things to remember is not to get caught up in training mode, you can always go back if you want to revise a topic. The most important action is to act. ”call to action”, take what you have learnt and get you business moving, step by step day by day. I would never call training working your business, you need 16 to 20 hours a week of productive work as a minimum, and most importantly have fun. A booming home business can be fun and very rewarding. Good luck and remember to bring that drive and determination.

Scaling Up Your Business To A Higher Level – What Could Be Stopping You?

As an authentic entrepreneur who started it all from absolute scratch, I couldn’t help but come to the point when I’m kind of getting impatient already in terms of taking up my business to a higher level and finally get those dollars continuously flowing in – day in and day out. And while I was contemplating about this whole idea of scaling up my business and income, I happen to talk to a certain colleague from the church where my family used to belong with. This guy runs a tailoring business with most probably a couple dozen employees working for him. The problem is that, he and his wife once mentioned that they are just getting by. He has been running the business for years now, and obviously they as a couple could not scale up the business to a higher level than where it has always been for several years now.

When I asked him what his plans are to grow the business further, he couldn’t even give me a clear answer. And I immediately began to realize that I am not the only entrepreneur who is seemingly trapped in the situation of wanting to grow the business but just couldn’t do it. As I ponder deeper with this question in mind, I tried analyzing my own situation and then the situation of my colleague. I eventually came to the realization that it is not just a single factor that’s making it hard for us to improve our respective businesses. There are several various contributing factors actually but I will only focus on the biggest factor of all.

The number one culprit to not being able to scale up a business to a much higher level is simply the lack of will to do it. I must admit that I had the desire to grow my business, but I realized it is not enough. I even confirmed this factor to be true as I was interviewing my colleague. Clearly his lack of precise answer on what plans does he have to grow the business is enough evidence that he doesn’t have the much needed desire for him to even come up with a plan in mind to make it happen. Just the simple task of running a business and maintaining it can already be draining and no doubt will keep your hands full with activities. Not to mention you only have a fixed 24hour allotted time every single day to accomplish all your duties as person in addition to your being a business man.

If you are single, then you definitely have the advantage in terms of having as much time you could spend. However, for a family man like me, business and family must be balanced. But don’t be too quick to think that you have all the advantage in being a single, the motivation of having a family is just superb and unexplainable. With all that said, you obviously got to have not just the desire to grow your business, but the “burning desire” for it. I figured that unless you come to the point that you have that burning desire to finally scale up your business and income to a higher level, you will not stand up to the much bigger challenge of planning and really doing the necessary work needed to be done in order to make it all happen.