High Income Business Opportunities Revealed

Every one of us is looking for ways to make more money. There are an abundance of business opportunities and many of them promises high returns. Without experiences and guidance, many people got scammed or failed in the business opportunities. Is High Income Business Opportunities for Everyone? If answer Yes to all the questions below, you are destined to succeed in any Business Ventures.

1) Do you have a burning desire to succeed in business?

2) Do you have faith in your own abilities, creativity and infinite intelligence?

3) Do you have a Business Coach?

4) Do you have a team of Masterminds to work with?

5) Do you have the Knowledge about your business?

6) Are you decisive?

7) Are you persistence?

If you are overwhelmed by the large number of High Income Business Opportunities available and do not know where to start, then start listening to the experts. Accordingly to the famous author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Robert T. Kiyosaki, Network Marketing is one of many High Income Business Opportunities that is suitable for everyone. Network Marketing is a proven business system make up of strong marketing, thorough training and stable financial support. Anyone joining this industry would have reduced the learning curve and business risk by a large percentage. You can start by visiting a few Network Marketing companies and talking to friends who are already in this business. Ask their frank feedback. There are pros and cons. Do your homework before you put in stake in the business.

At this point, I cannot hold myself any longer to reveal to you one of the greatest secrets about the Network Marketing Business. In quiet corners all over the world, there is a growing population of millionaires created by using a simple Network Marketing system.

Why is this Network Marketing System a highly recommended High Income Business Opportunities? Because it promises 3 important things that will rock you off your chair …

1) High Income Business Opportunities = 24hours x 7days of work

Instead of just building a network of people in your Network Marketing organization, build a network of machines / servers to help you promote your business 24hours round the clock! Can a network of people work 24 hours? Most likely they get exhausted after 16 to 20 hours.

2) High Income Business Opportunities = Global Market

Where can you find the greatest population on earth? You probably say China and India. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to do a global business in China and India? You can’t do so without spending thousands of dollars to travel to countries around the world to build your business. I did like to tell you the greatest population is more than the combination of China and India. The answer is Internet ! How would you like the idea about doing business with everyone around the world without spending a single cent on traveling?

3) High Income Business Opportunities = Speed

Internet is the fastest growing industry on earth. The entire population on earth is linked up to the Internet. Internet has become part and parcel of our life. Everyone goes online for entertainment, for research, for work, for shopping etc. Basically, we are doing everything online. People don’t need to be convinced that Internet is the next Big Thing … it is a fact.

The simple Network Marketing system I am talking about is call Internet Network Marketing. There are many Internet Network Marketing Opportunities out there. A good example is Success University which has grown exponentially over just 1 year! Experience the Success yourself in High Income Business opportunities!

My Internet Business – The Truth

So, what is MyInternetBusiness?

My Internet Business is an automated marketing system, which was launched at the beginning of April 2008. Over a year of hard work went into producing such a system, which was created by the the well renowned Darren Gaudry. The whole concept behind MIB was to revolutionise the work from home industry, by making it possible for anyone to make money online regardless of your level of knowledge or experience within the industry.

There are two primary factors that put MIB at the forefront of the industry

Number 1. There is no “selling or telling.” Due to the powerful automation of this system, there is absolutely no necessary explaining or personal selling involved for its members, as all that gets taken care of for you. The initial contact a prospect will have with the opportunity, is by viewing the professional guided tour that explains thoroughly but simply, every aspect of the business, its opportunity, its products and most importantly a fantastic overview of the compensation plan. At any point during the tour your prospect can “request-a-call back”, which will be responded to by one of the in-house top sales professionals, known within the business as a Professional Business Assistant (PBA). The PBA will call the prospect within 24hours and explain any of their questions, and close the sale for you. You will then be notified that you have made sale and sent your commissions immediately via your preferred method of payment. This is another flawless aspect to the business, with most similar systems the company gets paid and you receive your monies usually within 4weeks, however as mentioned with this system, all monies go straight to you and it is then your responsibility to pay the company etc.

Number 2. The training! The “back office” of MyInternetBusiness is very impressive, which is what makes this an accessible online business for everyone regardless of your previous knowledge within the industry. There are endless How-to video tutorials in the media vault, from beginners right the way through to advanced internet marketers, weekly live training sessions, that are also recorded if you should be unavailable (great to overcome the time difference if not in the U.S) and extensive information on the best ways to market your business.

As you can see that is your only responsibility with this business in a box. Many people who start their own home based business fail because they don’t know how to market their business effectively, but the beauty of MIB is the fact that you are provided with all this information “all under one roof.” As soon as you learn this invaluable skill, you then have all the tools you need to make any business venture a success.

Can it really make you a substantial income?

In short, yes. There are lots of members within MyInternetBusiness that are making 5 figure monthly incomes from this opportunity, some even weekly! The earning potential this business can offer you is very impressive and very attainable, however don’t be lead to believe you’ll be making tens of thousands over-night.

MyInternetBusiness is not a “get rich quick scheme.” I believe that to achieve great results in any business you get out what you put in. There is no business out there that is 100% automated that can succeed without any input from the business owner, however with MIB you do not need to trade your time for money, once you have spent the time to set up your MyInternetBusiness it is really then just a case of maintaining your business and being consistent and proactive with your marketing.

A great way to jump start your success is by ensuring that you do your due diligence and find yourself a good mentor and team that can share with you their proven strategies and techniques. The plethora of information and support that MIB provides you with is second to none, however sometimes especially in your early days it can make a big difference to your success by ensuring you have inspiring and supportive people around you, which are easily accessible to you for advice and support when you need it.

Not only can MyInternetBusiness provide you with a substantial income, but I think I can safely say on behalf of all its members, of greater importance, is that it provides you with the chance to stop trading your time for money. With this business you will have the most valuable commodity-time. Your business can be run from anywhere with an internet connection, meaning no 9-5, no boss, no rat-race and more free time to actually enjoy the things, that you want to spend your life doing. No longer will you be at odds balancing work and family life, as you will have ultimate control over your life, because you will have control over your time, which I’m quite sure you’ll agree, is priceless.

5 Keys to Coaching Business Success

Key 1: Make your Business Card Stand Out and Work for You
Rather than have a business card with only your contact details and qualifications, design it so that it stands out and works for you.

When you hand out your ‘card’ what is it you really want people and prospective clients to do with it? File it, store it, give you theirs in return or act on it and make contact with you in the near future?

Create a Call to Action
On one side of your business card have you name, logo or other details you want to give out. Here’s the key, on the other side create a call to action to encourage a prospective client to give you their details willingly and gives you an opportunity to show case what you have to offer in a subtle way.

It’s a win – win to all, you build your data base and they receive information and tools of interest to them.
Here’s an example:

o Link a ‘1800’ number to a land line and add a 24hour answering service to it. People feel more comfortable when they know they can leave their details to receive something without being sold to.
o Script may go something like this: “HI, thanks for your call or email. To receive your free report, “”How to build a successful Coaching Business”, valued at $197 please leave your name, address, phone number and email and we’ll send it out to you today. Please speak clearly and slowing. Thank you for your call.
o If you are not keen on a ‘1800’ number an email address can be used.
o Do not say your number is an 1800 Free Call number unless it actually is.
o The report or document you send out must contain high quality information – You only have one change to make a great impression.

Key 2: Utilise Every Opportunity to Communicate with Your Prospective or Current Clients
When ever a product is sent out, include an introductory cover letter what includes a bio and professional photo of you. The more ways you can connect with prospective clients the greater level of rapport you are able to build.

The inclusion of a photo is a powerful tool that is often overlooked. When you correspond with prospective clients that have not met you, whether it is by letter, email or phone they will have a clear picture of your face and therefore have a greater level of rapport with you. Its even been said that when clients and coaches have finally meet face to face, the client has responded as though they were old friends.
Things to include in your letter:

– Thank them contact you initially
– A brief introduction and bio (and brief is the key). Do not make it all about you
– A professional photo
– Provide bullet points of the benefits the product will give them
– A Call to Action at the bottom of the page in the form of a ‘P.S’ that offers them an opportunity to gain more information, tips and tools.
– Integrity, honesty and a little bit of you – be natural

Key 3:Network – Network – Network
Being a member of a networking group is an effective method of growing your business. However, as with everything else the degree of effectiveness can vary depending on how well you network! Here are some tips for any first time networkers and a check list for some seasoned travellers
Before the event prepare some neutral questions that act as conversation starters. For example:

– “How do you know the host/company?”
– “What made you decide to come to this event?”
– “Have you been to one of these events?”
– “What other organizations in the industry do you belong to?”

Then, focus on neutral topics – business, local places of interest, movies, books, art, or sport. It’s best to avoid topics surrounding politics, religion, gender, weight or age.

Apart from discussing relevant topics, is it also important to listen well. If you have trouble listening some suggestions include:

– Avoid doing anything else – remain attentive to the discussion as the person deserves your full attention
– When in person, make eye contact and face your body towards the person
– Concentrate on the other person’s agenda not only your own.

During the conversation you’re aim is be to build rapport and create an opportunity to follow up and then take the discussion to a deeper level. If others are nearby, draw and include them into the conversion. The conversion ideally lasts for three to five minutes, a maximum of eight.

When the conversation is drawing to an end, rather than wait for an uncomfortable silence, smile and thank the person for the time they have spent with you. Such as, “It was a pleasure taking with you, thank you for your card and look forward to continuing our conversation in the next couple of days. Enjoy the event.”

If you want to follow up with someone you have met be sure to exchange business cards – and then be sure to follow up in 24-48 hours. It is amazing the number of outstanding opportunities that go by the way side simply because someone simply did not follow up (or bother turning up)!

More Tips:
– Aim to attend 1-2 networking events/groups per week.
– Contact the organiser/ host and offer to be a sponsor for the event and add to their ‘goodie-bag’.
– Give a goodie-bag gift that is something useful for both you and the recipient, something more that a flyer or brochure. Ask yourself what will stand out from all the other pieces of paper that will fill the bag?
Possible Networking Events/Groups.
– Local BNI groups.
– Industry Associations and Governing Bodies of your particular niche area.
– Local community groups.
– Local government groups and councils.

Key 4: Run Free Workshop and Seminars
Running a workshop or seminar allows you to meet and share your knowledge/ services with more that one person at time.

A workshop is generally an event that will include an opportunity to do a practical activity of some sort. On the other hand, a seminar is more so a sit down information giving event. It is important that you let people know what to expect both in the form of content and structure of the session.

You can vary the size of your group to match the feel of the event. A larger group may create more atmosphere and excitement, or a smaller group tends to be more intimate and allows you to gain more individual connections with attendees.

– Have a clear goal of how you want you session to run, and plan it accordingly. E.G: size of group and what is your intension for running the seminar/workshop
– Offer VIP tickets to your clients and give them a bonus ticket to invite a friend.
– On your tickets/initiations, while it is a free event, place a value on the ticket. It may be free however it is useful for people to know just how generous you really are and how much if would have cost them if they did have to pay for a ticket.
– Record the session. You are then able to sell or give copies of the recording, plus have it transcribed (there’s another product). You can also make an MP3 recording that can be given out.
– Invite a colleague to speak at your event and you can do the same for them. This is a huge value add – especially if they are going to keep coming in until.

Key 5:Run Free/Probono Coaching Sessions
Experience is not something you can buy – it is a gift given to us over time.

As a generalist coach, book in 4-6 probono clients and run 6 sessions for them. This allows you the opportunity to practise your skills and assist someone with key areas of their live. After your 6 sessions together, the client may choose to continue session with you, they may give you a referral or at the very least you should ask them for a testimonial that you can use in your marketing.

Be sure to give your clients guidelines for the duration of the sessions, number of sessions and that they are run not further out then 10days (preferably no more that every Monday.)

Another useful area to take on ‘probono’ clients is when Identify your Niche (remembering that the Riches are in the Niches) you will not only develop your skills a coach, you will now take your coaching to the next level.
For Corporate or Executive clients, probono sessions, offers them a opportunity to work with you, and gives you an opportunity to show case your talents and develop stronger relationships with prospective clients. You may offer 3-6 months, the duration is up to you, however too many coaches do not specify a time/date of the probono time together and are then left hanging